Attention: Fontainebleau is a very touristic city. Please do not wait to make your reservation. We suggest you to make it as soon as possible. If you are unsure, we still suggest to reserve taking a free cancellation option.

You can chose to stay outside the city and come by train. Please contact us if you are in this case. Depending on the number of persons we might provide a transfer from the railway station to the hotel (thus saving you some bus time).

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers (verlan at u-pec dot fr) if you have any questions related to the accommodation.

In Fontainebleau

The list of the hotels and of other accommodations can be found on the site of the tourist office (unfortunately it exists in French version only). To see only hotels click on «Hébergement» button and choose «hotels». Reservation sites like can be used, but be aware that often hotels are shown fully booked on this site, while there still are free places. The tourist office has a special reservation page that gives a better information about the availability. We also suggest to go directly to the hotel web site (can be found on the above page or using the map).

Another good option is AirBnB, which offers many apartments in the area.

We pre-reserved rooms at the following hotels :

  • Hotel Ibis Budget** : 62,95€ for a single room, 72,90€ for a double room, breakfast: 6,15€/person.
  • Hotel Mercure****  : 165€ for a single room, 175€ for a double room, breakfast included.

The rooms are pre-reserved until March 31. If you wish to reserve in these hotels, please either (a) reserve on the hotel site and inform the organizers about your reservation by email, or (b) contact the organizers and you will be put in contact directly with the hotel.

Around Fontainebleau

If you have a car, there are several unique exciting accommodations in the area, especially in the forest of Fontainebleau (like this or this). We suggest to take a look at the tourist office site as well as on specialized sites like or Tripadvisor.

Otherwise, there are several additional accommodation possibilities in the cities of Melun, Montigny sur Loing and Nemours that are linked by the railway (10-20 min) to Fontainebleau.


You can stay at a hotel in the inner Paris. It is recommended to take a hotel close to Gare de Lyon. Please consult specialized sites, like for corresponding offers. You should count about 1h to get to the site of IUT.