Accepted papers

  • Thomas Draper, Claire Fullarton, Neil Phillips, Ben de Lacy Costello and Andrew Adamatzky. Mechanical Asynchronous Counting with Liquid Marbles
  • Srujan Kumar Enaganti, Lila Kari, Timothy Ng and Zihao Wang. Word blending in formal languages: The Brangelina effect
  • Benedek Nagy and Shaghayegh Parchami. Deterministic sensing $5’\rightarrow 3’$ Watson-Crick automata without sensing parameter
  • Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy and Indhumathi Raman. Computational Completeness of Simple Semi-Conditional Insertion-Deletion Systems
  • Harold Mcnamara and Adam Cohen. Synthetic Electrophysiology: Exploring pattern formation in engineered bioelectric tissue
  • Cameron Chalk, Eric Martinez, Robert Schweller, Luis Vega, Andrew Winslow and Tim Wylie. Optimal Staged Self-Assembly of Linear Assemblies
  • Tomas Vantuch, Ivan Zelinka, Andrew Adamatzky and Norbert Marwan. Phase transitions in swarm optimization algorithms
    Received best student paper award.
  • Lee Jensen and Lance Williams. An FPGA Implementation of a Distributed Virtual Machine
  • Daiki Miyahara, Itaru Ueda, Yu-Ichi Hayashi, Takaaki Mizuki and Hideaki Sone. Analyzing Execution Time of Card-based Protocols
  • Cameron Chalk, Jacob Hendricks, Matthew Patitz and Michael Sharp. Thermodynamically Favorable Computation via Tile Self-assembly
  • Artur Meski, Maciej Koutny and Wojciech Penczek. Reaction Mining for Reaction Systems
  • Tanner Crowder and Marco Lanzagorta. The scope of a relativistic quantum process with spin-momentum entanglement
  • Ian McQuillan, Jason Bernard and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. Algorithms for Inferring Context-Sensitive L-systems
  • Alexandra Porter and Andrea Richa. Collaborative Computation in Self-Organizing Particle Systems
  • Artiom Alhazov, Rudolf Freund and Sergiu Ivanov. P Systems with Activation and Blocking of Rules
  • Abdulmelik Mohammed, Pekka Orponen and Sachith Pai. Algorithmic Design of Cotranscriptionally Folding 2D RNA Origami Structures
    Received best paper award.