CC special option for UCNC2018 / MCU2018

The credit card registration fee payment is using PayPal provider. You will be redirected to its site to finish the transaction. We note that it is not mandatory to have a PayPal account in order to perform the payment. If you do not use your PayPal account and do not want to create a new one, you can opt for “not this time” tiny option when PayPal proposes you to create  an account (after the payment details page).

We recall that a processing fee of 10€ is included in your payment.

For technical reasons you will need to fill in the name and the email in the form below. If the registered participant name/email do not correspond to those used for payment in PayPal, please write a message to the organizers (verlan at in order to precise the link.

Be aware that the PayPal merchant name will be C.I.bleau, corresponding to the Computer Science Department of IUT de Fontainebleau association account that is used to collect most of the payments related to UCNC 2018 and MCU 2018 conferences.